How LinAqua is produced

Sea water for LinAqua products is taken in the Gulf of Saint-Malo in the north of France. Then it is delivered undiluted to the modern Solopharm plant in St. Petersburg.
How LinAqua is produced How LinAqua is produced

In this bay, many species of algae were found, which indicates the crystalline purity and biological activity of this water.

Due to powerful ocean currents and a grand tidal wave, the water here is actively saturated with oxygen. It always remains clean and retains its unique properties. The bay is considered the most environmentally friendly in Europe and is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • After intake, seawater undergoes ultrafiltration, i.e. the removal of large mineral particles and planktonic organisms.
  • Then the water is poured into combo containers through a special filter and delivered to St. Petersburg.
  • Upon arrival at Solopharm plant, water from the container is pumped through 2 filters of 0.6 microns and 0.2 microns. The water is poured into the reactor.
  • The contents of the reactor are mixed using an ozonizer to reduce bioburden.
  • Then the solution again passes through a sterilizing filter with a pore size of 0.2 μm.
  • The filtered solution enters the filling machine, where the product is poured into special bottles using BOV technology (Bag-on-valve).
1 μm = 0.001 mm
For comparison:the diameter of the red blood cell is 7 microns;
the thickness of a human hair is from 40 to 120 microns.

BOV Technology (Bag-on-Valve)

provides continuous spraying and 360 degree functionality. It also ensures better preservation and protection of contents.


    Contains no preservatives. It does not contain gases hazardous to the environment and humans.


    Sprays at any angle.


    Bottling takes place in clean rooms. The product is absolutely sterile during the entire period of use.

Consult your healthcare professional before use