• How LinAqua is different from other sea salt solutions?

    The LinAqua product line includes 100% undiluted seawater. Sea water for the production of LinAqua products is taken in the Gulf of Saint-Malo in northern France and is delivered undiluted to the modern Solopharm factory in St. Petersburg. In this bay, many species of algae were found, which indicates the crystalline purity and biological activity of water. Thanks to powerful sea currents and a grand tidal wave, the water here is actively saturated with oxygen. It always remains clean and retains its unique properties.

  • Can I use LinAqua for infants?

    - LinAqua Baby in unidoses and in the bottle with a soft shower nozzle —  from 0+

    - LinAqua Soft —  from 1 year

    - LinAqua Norm —  from 2 years

    - LinAqua Forte —  from 2 years

  • Which LinAqua should I choose?

    - Infant’s nasal cavity hygiene and moisturizing: LinAqua Baby in a special unidoses (dropper tubes). It is easy to use and will not cause complications in infants.

    - Treatment and prevention of rhinitis in children: LinAqua Baby soft shower in the bottle with a special nozzle gently washes out nasal mucosa.

    - Allergic rhinitis and dry nose: LinAqua Soft provides gentle irrigation for sensitive or injured nasal mucosa

    - Severe congestion and swelling: LinAqua Forte is recommended for relieving swelling and severe congestion.

  • How to flush out infant nasal cavity using LinAqua Baby in unidoses?

    • - Detach a unidose 
    • - Lay baby down on his/her side or sit up with baby’s head tilted to one side
    • - Gently insert the unidose into the nostril slightly pushing it
    • - Help a baby to blow his/her nose or use an aspirator to remove mucus 
    • - Repeat in the other nostril
    • -Throw away used unidose
    • If there is a solution left you can close a unidose and use it during 12 hours 

  • How to flush out nasal cavity using LinAqua in bottles?

    - Insert the tip into your nostril 

    - Flush out your nasal cavity for several seconds

    - Blow your nose gently after the saline wash

    - Repeat in the other nostril

    Clean the bottle tip after each use


  • What is the difference between isotonic and hypertonic solutions?

    Isotonic and hypertonic solutions differ in salt concentration. The concentration of salts in biological fluids, for example, in blood plasma is 0.9. A saline solution with such concentration of salt is similar to the composition of the blood plasma and it is called "physiological". If you increase the salt concentration, you get a hypertonic solution. Isotonic solution is isosmotic to blood plasma, they have the same osmotic pressure. Hypertonic solution contains the salt concentration which is more than 0.9.

    For example, 2-10% is a hypertonic solution. For daily nasal hygiene procedures in children and adults, it is enough to use the isotonic sea water LinAqua Baby, LinAqua Soft or LinAqua Norm. The hypertonic sea water LinAqua Forte contains a denser concentration of salts, therefore it has a therapeutic effect and relieves congestion and swelling of the mucous membrane.


  • Can LinAqua be used with vasoconstrictors?

    LinAqua can be used in combination with vasoconstrictors. It is recommended to rinse the nasal cavity with LinAqua products both before using vasoconstrictor drops or sprays (for washing out mucus and microorganisms) and after (for moisturizing).

  • How does LinAqua work at any angle?

    All LinAqua sprays are produced using BOV (bag-on-valve) technology, which allows to create a unique package that works at any angle and that is absolutely sterile throughout the entire life of the product.

Consult your healthcare professional before use