Importance of nasal cavity hygiene

Nasal cavity hygiene is necessary, especially during periods of SARS and influenza epidemics, as well as seasonal allergies. If it comes to the use of popular vasoconstrictor nasal drops, it is pointless and harmful to use them for prevention: they cause addiction and a runny nose becomes chronic.

Nasal mucous membrane is one of the most important natural barriers that protect the body from negative external influences. Thanks to the mucous membrane, the air inhaled through the nose is moistened, heated and cleansed from pathogens and dust. Cleansing is made due to a natural filter - cilia on the mucosa, which trap harmful particles, preventing them from entering the body. Cilia make constant flickering movements, and thus trapped particles are brought out. That is why any violations in the functioning of the mucosa are fraught with consequences for the whole body.

Nasal rinsing prevents drying out of the mucosa and cleanses the nasal cavity from an excess of harmful particles. During periods when the content of allergens, dust, bacteria and viruses increases in the air, the cilia of the mucosa may not cope with removing their excess from the nasal cavity. Irrigation with sea water not only eliminates the infection and allergens from the mucosa, but also stimulates it to work more intensively. Natural seawater LinAqua from Saint-Malo Bay guarantees a soft and reliable irrigation of the mucosa without side effects and allergic reactions. In addition, a special valve protects the solution from microorganisms, which guarantees its sterility.


Consult your healthcare professional before use