Atlantic water fights with colds

Cold is unpleasant inevitability that everyone faces from time to time. Especially during autumn and winter season when immune system is weaker pathogens can enter the body easily. One of the first colds symptoms is a runny nose: mucociliary clearance, the mechanism that protects the nasal mucosa, is disrupted. At the same time, microbes are added to the viral pathogens of the disease, the mucous membrane becomes inflamed and swells, and nasal cavity dryness appears.

Wrong treatment of cold, or, in scientific terms, rhinitis, can lead to complications. One of them is rhinosinusitis: the disease develops not only in the nasal cavity, but also in the paranasal sinuses. Nasal congestion is accompanied by pain in the area of the affected sinuses, swelling of face and a dry cough. Another possible complication is otitis media. The infection enters the middle ear and causes painful inflammation, the temperature often rises, and hearing is impaired.

Popular cold remedies that reduce congestion by lowering blood vessels (nasal decongestants) have a number of side effects. Also they can lead to burning and dryness in nasal cavity and chronic runny nose. In addition, these drugs can cause allergies. Although they are effective for severe nasal congestion, it is better to reduce the frequency of use of such drugs. This is possible due to an integrated approach to the treatment of rhinitis and regular irrigation of the nasal cavity with sea water.

The effectiveness of LinAqua sea water in the treatment of cold consists of several factors: 

  • Atlantic water reduces inflammation and moisturizes the nasal cavity. It dilutes the mucus and ensures its outflow. 
  • Swelling of the nasal mucosa decreases, so normal breathing is restored. Irrigation helps to remove pathogens from the mucous membrane. 
  • In addition, due to the effect of sea water, the mucous membrane damaged by the disease quickly returns to normal state, the body's natural defense is restored.

Consult your healthcare professional before use