Sea water against sore throat

A typical symptom of colds and flu is a sore throat. It is accompanied by redness, swelling and cough. In case of bacterial tonsillitis abscesses may appear. Rinsing will be a great help in a sore throat treating.

Throat rinse with LinAqua sea water is effective for several reasons: 

  • the first one is sea salt: it will help to relieve swelling of and to promote resorption of focus of inflammation 
  • secondly, sea water contains iodine compounds, which serve as a good antiseptic - this will help clear the throat from pathogens

To understand how sea salt affects inflammation and why it is more effective than a solution of an ordinary table salt, we should consider its composition. Sodium and potassium are responsible for metabolism and will help to normalize the water balance of the inflamed mucosa. Calcium is responsible for tissue repair. Cell regeneration will be accelerated by phosphorus and selenium, which is also interferes with oxidative processes. It is important to note the presence of magnesium in the sea water, which contributes to the absorption of beneficial trace elements. A table salt practically does not contain additional useful substances except the basic compound of sodium and chlorine. Therefore the effect of its exposure is much lower.

It is recommended to gargle throat with LinAqua sea water three to four times a day for 2 minutes. Take as much of the solution into the mouth as is comfortable. Gargle the salt water around the back of the throat. 

It is best to take water in small portions, half a sip several times during one procedure. When the mucous membrane is restored, cough and the other symptoms of inflammation disappear, you can switch to one or two rinses per day. Continue the procedure for another two or three days as a part of daily care.

Consult your healthcare professional before use