Managing allergic rhinitis

Why is allergy accompanied by a runny nose, which is often called "hay fever"? Allergens particles enter the nasal mucosa and cause inflammation. Because of this, breathing is disturbed and mucus separation increases. One of the most unpleasant symptoms is constant sneezing.

According to statistics, every third inhabitant of the Earth suffers from allergic rhinitis, or in simpler words, a runny nose caused by an allergy.

It is important to note that the prevalence of allergies is growing every year, and every 10 years the number of people who suffer from its symptoms doubles.

In case of allergy, the nasal mucosa becomes especially sensitive, therefore, it needs gentle moisturizing. LinAqua Soft sea water is intended for the allergic rhinitis relief. Irrigation with sea water helps to remove dust and allergen particles from the nasal mucosa: this not only alleviates the symptoms, but also prepares the nasal cavity for using of medications. In addition, LinAqua Soft relieves swelling and restore normal breathing.

LinAqua sea water is taken from the environmentally friendly Saint-Malo Bay in France. It is optimal in terms of salinity and does not contain impurities. This ensures safe use: unlike vasoconstrictor medications, which can aggravate an allergic reaction, LinAqua sea water does not cause complications. 


Consult your healthcare professional before use